Spice 6 Philosophy

Spice6 – at the heart of all authentic Indian cooking!!

Passion, spice, and of course the love of food, run deep in the veins of Hyderabad, Lahore and Peshawar. These regions famed for their kitchens and cuisines they gave to the world as part of their of heritage. Spice 6 takes pride in continuing the legacy of these fine foods and Kitchens. The magic of which comes alive in the rich array of choice served to you.

The cooking process is not just part of the charm its intrinsic to the taste, like the Biryanis served in earthern ware HANDIS, are actually cooked in them, using the famed Dum Pukth style of cooking.

Dum denotes cooking over slow fire to extract the rich, succulent flavour, the Pukth translates as pure. In effect, it means pure ingredients are left to simmer on a slow flame in order to let them cook in their own rich juices thus preserving their natural aromas. The end result is truly a labour of love.

Recipes passed down

from 6 Generations
using 6 Traditional styles of Indian Cooking
from 6 of the finest regions
using 6 of the finest Indian Spices

Spice 6 restaurant offers guests a sophisticated fine dining experience served in a warm and friendly environment, tantalising food and attention to detail.